Principaler Bani

DG VatWelcome to all of you in our Polytechnic Institute. Magura polytecnic Institute is one of the famous Institute in Bangladesh . The environment of our institute is very beautiful. There is a large building in our Institute. It has three parts. One part is used for official work and others are used for academic activities. There is a large library in our campus.It is situated in second floor. There are so many books. These books are about science and technology and many more discipline of knowledge. Many students study in our library. Our students can borrow books from the library. Library cards are essential to borrow books. Students can stay in library from 8 AM to 5 PM. There are six departments in our Institute. These are Electrical technology, Computer technology, Electronics technology, RAC technology,Food technology and Mechatronics Technology. Two hundreds students can be admitted in a department at a batch. There are about 3600 students in our Institute. The teachers are friendly to the students.They are also good qualified.
Engr. Md. Munir Hossain
Magura Polytechnic Institute, Magura.
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