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Name Of Employee Designation ContactNo Technology Photo
Engr. Md. Munir Hossain Principal 01556304682
Morgina Aktar Chief Instructor (Tech.) 1716974818 Food Technology
Fahima Akhter Chief Instructor(tech-computer) 01711708592 Computer
Babul Kumar Bhattacharjee Instructor (Non-Tech.) 1911283444 Office section
Engr. Kallol Roy Instructor(Tech-RAC) 1717416607 RAC Technology
Md.Rakibul Hasan Instructor(Tech-RAC) 1737242582 RAC Technology
Md. Touhid Hossain Instructor (Tech.) 1911833030 Computer Technology
Sonali Saha Instructor (Tech.) 1729548810 Computer Technology
Md. Awal Kafi Instructor (Tech.) 1725683031 Electronic Technology
Md. Rashedul Islam Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1914154382 Electronic Technology
Ummy Tasmare Arfin Instructor (Tech.) 1755836088 Electrical Technology
Md. Ashraful Hoque Instructor (Tech.) 1717444446 Mechatronic Technology
Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Instructor (Tech.) 1815437990 Mechatronic Technology
Fahmida Haque Banna Instructor (Tech.) 1728013601 Food Technology
Kazi Rakibul Islam Instructor (Tech.) 1722470776 Food Technology
Md. Obaidullah Instructor (Tech.) 1675286887 Food Technology
Md. Ahasan Habib Instructor (Tech.) 1731411793 RAC
Mst. Jannat Ara Instructor (Non-Tech.) 1710069391 Office section
Beva Nikati Nir Instructor (Non-Tech.) 1823310026 Office section
Md. Saiduzzaman Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1719394945 Computer Technology
Hillol Mondal Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1924921685 Computer Technology
Md. Mirajul Islam Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1925305393 Computer Technology
Alfa Yesmin Junior Instructor (Non-Tech.) 1739569368 Office section
MD. AL-AMIN Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1715255694 Electrical Technology
Md. Hassan Ali Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1914459767 Electronic Technology
Md. Bidduth Ali Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1727813959 RAC
Ram Chandra Sarkar Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1915950528 Electronic Technology
Md. Emon Hossain Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1843907217 Electronic Technology
Md. Abdul Jalil Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1737152025 Mechatronic Technology
Md. Hafizur Rahman Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1722958960 Mechatronic Technology
Md. Manikul Islam Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1726976355 Mechatronic Technology
Atia Sultana Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1745984938 RAC
Sheikh Suman Ali Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1937541379 Electrical Technology
Utpal Kumar Mollick Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1915372739 Food Technology
Md. Moshiur Ramhan Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1726755129 Food Technology
Md. Tanvir Islam Junior Instructor (Tech.) 1719928527 RAC
Md. Mokhlesur Rahman Junior Instructor (Non-Tech.) 1719988730 Office section
Md. Taslim Alam Lab Assistant 1927372815 Related Subject
Md. Jahangir Alam Library Assistant 1726487460 Office section
Shunil Kumar Mondal MLSS 1917528236 Administration
MD. MOWDUD HOSSAIN Draftsman 1912760798 Principal's Office
Mohammad Bipul Miah Book Sorter 1781390058 Office section
Md. Zakir Hossen Cashier 1719921238 Office section
Md.shahabuddin Craft Instructor (TR) 1719019394 Electrical Technology
Md. Ahad Ali Physical Education Instructor 01713908031 Non Tech